About me


Born in Hamburg,Germany, I’m the daughter of a vocational artist, and was exposed to the fine arts in Europe and South-America at a very early age. I have been a professional artist for over 40 years.   My current work consists of three-dimensional Box Installations and Encaustics Wood Panels. This allows me to explore a wide range of materials and techniques. Incorporating vintage prints, old boxes, strings, wood, computer parts, and even old dolls in to my art. In return this invokes mystery, fantasy, and satire. Interpretation of these works lies in the eyes of the viewer.

My Oil-Paintings, are best described as having a strong , painterly style. With inspirations taken from the Northern Renaissance and the early atmospheric work of the New York School. I’m a contemporary painter who uses classical methods of careful observation and design principles achieving a strong sense of light juxtaposed with rich, dark sumptuous color sonority’s. My work is influenced by Hieronymus Bosh, Joseph Cornell, Max Ernst and the Dada-Movement,as a former art professor in Virginia, I moved to Dallas one year ago.

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