Two Friends

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"Sunday Morning" 12"x12"Encaustic Mixed Media $ 175

“Sunday Morning”
12″x12″Encaustic Mixed Media $ 175

Geometry at its best

“Geometry at its Best”12″x 12″Encaustic Mixed Media Collage $175

Childhood Memories

“Childhood Memories” 12″x 12″Encaustic Mixed Media Collage $175

Bathing Beauty

12″x12″ Encaustic Collage $175

12"x12"mixed media Collage

“Help is on the Way”
!2″x12″ Mixed Media Encaustic Collage

"The Stages of Mending"

“The Stages of Mending”
12″x12″ Encaustic Collage $175

" Ship to the Land of Magic""

“Ship of Fools” 12″x12″Encaustic Collage

Two Friends ?

Love on the Bicycle

” Love on the Bicycle” “12”x 12″Encaustic Mixed Media Collage $175

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